Levy County: Idalia updates and emergency information

Follow ongoing updates from Levy County in response to Hurricane Idalia. 

You can get information directly from Levy County Emergency Management here


An evacuation order has been issued for RVs, mobile homes, manufactured homes, coastal communities and low lying areas throughout Levy County. 

Click here to find your evacuation zone. 


A general population and pet-friendly shelter is now open at Bronson Middle High School (351 Ishie Ave.). A special needs shelter is now open at Bronson Elementary School (400 Ishie Ave.). 

Here's what to bring, according to Levy County Emergency Management:

In most cases, it would be safe, and smart, to bring all components of your Emergency Kit to the shelter. Remember, this kit should include daily necessities, medications and other supplies that will help you survive an emergency situation and potentially live on your own for at least three days. Your Emergency Kit should include items that get you through your unique daily routine.
Special consideration and attention must be given to the preparation of your Emergency Kit. In addition to the items listed on the Emergency Kit page, persons with disabilities, their families and/or caregivers should also be absolutely certain to bring the following items with you to the emergency shelter:

  • A 30-day supply of all required medications
  • Copy of all prescriptions and their dosage or treatment information
  • All medical equipment and supplies (oxygen tanks, etc.) required to sustain the special needs of an individual for a minimum of two weeks
  • Medical information including the name and phone number of medical provider/doctor, home health agency, copies of your medical insurance and/or Medicare and Medicaid cards
  • Personal information (Identification with photo and current address, Social Security card, insurance papers, emergency contacts and any other valuable papers)
  • Any special dietary needs or food (must be non-perishable)
  • Back-up energy sources for essential medical equipment

Mass care shelters provide life sustaining services to disaster survivors.  Even though mass care shelters often provide water, food, medicine and basic sanitary facilities, you should plan to take your emergency supply kit with you so you will have the supplies you need. Mass care sheltering can involve living with many people in a confined space, which can be difficult and unpleasant. Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows for comfort should be brought with you. 
Be prepared to take cleaning items with you like, soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes or general household cleaning supplies to disinfect surfaces.

All shelters accept service animals, but many public shelters and hotels do not allow pets inside. Know a safe place where you can take your pets before disasters and emergencies happen.

School closures

The School Board of Levy County announced Levy County schools will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Other closures

Parks and Recreation Storm Closures

  • Shell Mound RV Park: No new campers until further notice
  • Henry Beck Park: Closed for the Season
  • Blue Springs Park: Closing end of Monday, August 28, 2023, until further notice
  • Devils Hammock Management Area: Closure Tonight, Monday, August 28, 2023, until further notice
  • All County Boat Ramps closing end of Day, Monday, August 28, 2023, until further notice
  • Cedar Key Big Dock: Closing Tuesday, August 29, 2023, and Wednesday, August 30, 2023, or until further notice
  • Levy County Landfill 

Sandbag locations

Self-serve sandbag sites are open at:

  • Gulf Hammock Fire Station
  • Empty lot across from Williston Police Department
  • Cedar Key Community Center
  • Rosewood Baptist Church
  • Yankeetown Water Plant
  • Inglis Municipal Building
  • Bronson Town Hall
  • Chiefland Maintenance Yard
  • Fowler's Bluff Fire Station
  • Morriston Fire Station 11
  • Fanning Springs Fire Station