Little cheerleader gets bionic arm

Ten-year-old Julianna Linton is missing her left arm above the elbow, because of a congenital amputation caused by amniotic band syndrome. But that hasn't stopped her from tumbling and doing one-handed cartwheels. The cheerleader took a break from her competitive cheerleading schedule to visit the University of Central Florida with her family for a surprise.

The Houston, Texas native became the 15th child to receive a 3-D printed bionic arm from Limbitless Solutions, the non-profit student group based at the university. The group builds custom-made arms and then gives them to children at no cost to their families. They also work with community partners to make the deliveries memorable and to emphasize the message that there are no limits.

"We want children to know, especially girls, that there are no limits," said Albert Manero, founder of the group and an aerospace engineering student pursuing his Ph.D. at the university. "We want them to dream big and then go after it. That's really important. You can be smart, beautiful and strong and do it all here at UCF."

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UCF's cheerleading team, led by head coach Linda Gooch, helped deliver the arm and the message when they met Julianna and her family on campus.  Knightro, the UCF mascot, brought out a box that contained Julianna's new arm along with two pom-poms.