Local doctor warns children can contract COVID-19 and have mild symptoms

With more children being infected with the coronavirus, parents are being extra cautious, but there are ways to protect your family.

Several Central Florida children are now infected, raninging in age from as old as nine to as young as under one.

Christina Grainger worries about her family, after hearing about kids contracting Coronavirus.

"It’s heartbreaking to hear about children. You’re hearing about babies being diagnosed with COVID-19 and it’s scary," says Grainger. 

She's keeping her kids away from others.

"It’s really hard to try to stay away from people for me," says Grainger's daughter, Sophie.

"I’m telling them to wash their hands. Stay home as much as possible."

Stephanie Haridopolos is both a mother and a doctor.

"I believe there are children out there that have it, they’re just not tested yet."

Dr. Haridopolos says children might not show the symptoms that adults do.

"Kids can present much more mildly. Could be just a little bit of a stuffy nose with a sore throat and a little bit of a cough. Maybe a little worse than a common cold, but something that will pass without treatment in a short amount of time."

She tells us, it will usually pass. And recommends parents make sure their older kids aren’t vaping or smoking.

"If they did get COVID-19 they might have a higher rate of severe illness."

Meanwhile, Grainger got a puppy named Cooper to keep everyone occupied.

"We decided this is the best time to introduce a new member of our family because we get to spend so much time with him."