Local LEGO experts show what it takes to be a master builder

They put them together brick by brick just like everyone else, only their sets are a whole lot bigger and don’t come with instructions.

At a small warehouse in Lake Wales, Florida, some of the world’s top LEGO designers and builders work daily to make the giant brick builds you see at the LEGOLAND park and at many special attractions all over the globe.  WATCH FOX 35 NEWS AT 10 P.M. FOR BRIAN SCOTT'S REPORT.

“We have millions, upon millions, upon millions of bricks,” said Model Designer Jason Miller.

“We have all the parts we dreamed of as kids, that’s for sure,” added Builder Alex Deguzman.


The team estimates they have between eight and nine million bricks of all shapes and sizes on-hand at any time. They use that massive inventory to create giant LEGO buildings, recreations of monuments, anything really that their clients can dream up.


On this day, many of the dozens of builders inside were working on LEGO parrots and monkeys that will go in the new Pirate Island Hotel at LEGOLAND.

All of the designs, though, are created by the team on sight.

“We have to create them ourselves. We have to basically put them in piece-by-piece,” said Miller.


They use 3D design software to create an outline for the monster sets, but then it’s up to the builders to figure out how to bring it to life.

Unlike the sets you buy at the store, the instructions they get only show how it should look, not which pieces to make it look like that. The experts say some of the pieces take hundreds of hours from beginning to end and a lot of patience.