Florida mother and nurse finally leaves hospital after 111 days fighting coronavirus

A 32-year-old nurse and mother who has been fighting for her life due to COVID-19 was finally discharged from the hospital after more than 100 days.

FOX 35’s cameras were rolling during the big celebration.

Since Kristin Kay became deathly ill from COVID-19, she has been in the hospital for 111 days, experiencing multiple organ failures and being hooked up to a ventilator.

On Monday, she left the hospital and was able to whisper her first words to her son.

Surrounded by dozens of doctors, nurses, and staff, Steven Kay wheeled his wife, Kristin, out of her hospital room for the Walk of Honor.

"She’s had 75 nurses, 15 different respiratory therapists, 20-plus different doctors, and a couple dozen different support staff and therapists, and they’re all just amazing," Steven Kay said.

Applause followed her down the hallway, where she was able to turn and wave goodbye to the healthcare heroes who saved her life.

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Then, she turned the corner where her 5-year-old son Parker wrapped her in his arms and didn’t want to let go.

"Mommy’s tube is gone from her throat bud," Steven said to his son. Kristin’s trach was just removed on Sunday.

Kristin whispered her first words to Parker, "I love you."

A family hug was just what the doctor ordered.

"Every emotion you could possibly have," Steven Kay said. "It’s the 111th day and there were times when we didn’t know if she was going to make it. This place in a weird way has become home this past year. She’s a miracle. They saved her life."

Outside the North Florida Regional Medical Center, Kristin was helped onto a stretcher and into an ambulance where she will continue receiving care at a long-term care facility for the next few days or weeks. It’s just one more big step toward her recovery and getting home to her family.

"Bye, Mommy!" Parker yelled as he waved to her. "I love you!"

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