Torrential rain brings flooding problems in Ocala, forcing some residents to move

Following several days of heavy rain, many Ocala residents are dealing with major problems.

Torrential rain has come down off and on for most of the week, leading to flooded roads and homes as well as large holes in the ground. Tim Strobert’s daughter was forced to leave her home after a washout created a massive hole in the backyard. "[It’s] frustrating and more than tiring," Strobert said.

Strobert spent much of the past two days moving her belongings out of the home. Though they won’t be able to return to the property, he said the landlord is working with the family to get his daughter relocated to a nearby duplex.  The lack of water drainage around Ocala is a huge concern for a lot of people.

City officials announced they are closing several parks until further notice. They include Lillian Bryant Park, Scott Springs Park, and Toms Park among others. 

Ann Dry’s lives near Lillian Bryant Park, where water has filled the streets. She is unable to drive out of her driveway. Though the recent weather event is not common, she said the flooding is. "We’ve seen it several times here just within the last couple of weeks," Dry said.

She lives with Kevin Kapple, who is also advocating for changes to be made to the drainage system. He feels as though the city has not prioritized the right projects. It makes no sense to keep fixing the road and you don’t have a proper drainage system," he said. He also said there is a lack of help given to those who can’t leave their homes.

"No one comes by. They block the roads off and we don't see [anyone], he said. "We don't know what's going on. We’re trapped."

FOX 35 News reached out to the city of Ocala communications team, and is awaiting a response.