Man accused of altercation with mail carrier

An Orlando man has been charged following an altercation with a United States Postal Service worker, all because she didn't get him his package fast enough, according to police. 

Edward Rice, 57, is out of jail on bond.  Orlando police officers arrested him late Monday morning at the Carter Glen townhome community. 

The postal worker was inside the mail room of the complex when Rice came to the doorway to retrieve a package, the police report states.   The mail carrier asked Rice to wait a minute.  That's when Rice got mad, started cursing at her, demanding his package right then and there, police say. 

The mail carrier tried to walk out of the room , but Rice blocked her and wouldn't let her out, the reports states.  Investigators say Rice finally let the postal worker walk to her truck, but only after she explained that that was where his package was located. 

Police say when the postal worker asked Rice for the information she needed to release the package, Rice got even angrier.  According to his arrest affidavit, Rice swore at the postal worker again, shoved her, slammed her up against the wall, threw letters all over the mail room then took off. 

The mail carrier called 911, and police officers were able to track Rice down a short time later.  He is now charged with false imprisonment and burglary.