Man accused of dragging, killing woman on I-75 held on $100K bond

Authorities say a woman was dragged for several hundred feet on a Florida highway while holding onto the door of a truck before she lost her grip, was run over by the same vehicle and died.

Eileen Bocca is the 48-year-old woman who died on Saturday after being dragged by the truck along Interstate 75 in Alachua County.  Bocca’s family tells FOX 35 News that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now helping the Florida Highway Patrol with the investigation.         

Ryan Le Boss, 44, identified by FHP troopers as Bocca’s boyfriend, is being held on a $100,000 bond, charged with leaving the scene of a crash resulting in death.  Witnesses told the FHP that Le Boss was southbound on I-75 when he swerved into the grassy shoulder of the road.   Investigators said his passenger door was open and a woman was hanging out of it, holding onto the door for several hundred feet before falling and getting run over by the right rear tire of the truck. Troopers said La Boss never stopped.

Bocca was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Le Boss was arrested nine hours later at his home in Lake County

Bocca’s family said she leaves two sons behind.  More charges are likely to come, authorities said.