Man accused of leaving dogs in hot car while he shopped

Daytona Beach Police say Edgar Marcial was shopping at the Volusia Mall Wednesday and left his three dogs in his hot SUV for more than an hour.

When officers opened the car, they say the temperature inside was 103 degrees. Bonnie, an 8 week old puppy, and  two other adult dogs were inside. O ne dog, who’s name they don’t yet know, was unconscious.

“Heat stroke is a common cause of death of dogs left inside vehicles and we try to put out as much information of the terrors of doing that to your pet,“ said Miguel Abi-Hassan, the CEO of Halifax Humane Society. 

Marcial was arrested on animal cruelty charges. He has since bonded out but according to the report lives in New York.

As for the dogs, they will continue to be treated at Halifax Humane Society and are expected to make a full recovery.

Abi-Hassan said, “With an average temperature of about 88 degrees in Florida, the temperature in a car can be up to quickly exceed 140 degrees. Those are deadly degrees. Deadly temperatures for a dog. “