Man accused of peeking up skirts at Baldwin Park Publix

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Orlando Police have arrested a man, accused of using a cell phone to peek up women's skirts.  Scott Wesley Irwin, 27, is charged  with video voyeurism, a second-degree felony in this case. 

Authorities allege that there were two incidents that occurred at a Publix in Baldwin Park, three weeks apart during February.  They released surveillance video from inside the supermarket which they claim shows Irwin in action.

Police said Irwin placed his cell phone in a shopping basket and then positioned the basket close enough to record up girls’ skirts or shorts.   Police said the victim they identified was 13 years in age, but there were two other girls who were ages 5 to 8 which they said were involved in a separate incident.

Police said an alert shopper observed Irwin in the store three weeks apart.  They said that on the second occasion, the shopper took action, instead of going to the checkout line.  “They decided, 'No, I’m just going to follow this guy around,' and that’s what they did. That’s when they saw what he was doing and the method he was using," explained police spokeswoman Michelle Guido. "At that point, they approached the Publix management, and they were able to follow him into the parking lot and get a license tag number.  That was very helpful to us.”

Detectives used the surveillance video and license plate number to identify Irwin and said he confessed to the crime.  Investigators have seized his cell phone and computer, but they have not had a chance to look through them yet.