Man accused of poisoning neighbor's dog

A report by Marion County Sheriff's Office details the arrest of an Ocala man who is accused of intentionally poisoning his neighbor's dog.   Noah Maxson, 19, is charged with animal cruelty causing cruel death, pain and suffering.   According to authorities, Maxon mixed antifreeze with a boiled egg and fed it to the dog through a fence. The dog ate it all, the report stated. 

Tom Graham can't believe his 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, "Tinker," is gone.  "Full of energy, you know? Wouldn't hurt a flea."  Graham noticed the dog was sick on Sunday. So, he took her to the veterinarian, but the dog did not survive.  "I guess you could say I'm angry. Yeah, darn.  Like I said, good dog, no reason for that. He could've knocked on my door."

Lauren Lettellier, a spokesperson for the Marion County Sheriff's Office, told FOX 35 that Maxson, "felt the dog was barking at his Guinea hens that were on his property. He was afraid the dog was going to kill his birds." 

The arrest report states that Maxon told deputies he looked up "how to poison" online and said the antifreeze “was a better method than rat poison."  The report also states that Maxon's mother said her son “has poisoned a neighborhood dog in the past.” In the report, Maxon told authorities, “he knew what he did was wrong and was sorry."  Graham said, "I'll let the law deal with him."

FOX 35 went to Maxon’s home for comment. A person who identified himself as Maxon's brother said Noah was unavailable and that his brother is apologetic.  Graham told FOX 35 that Maxon had apologized to him, saying he was sorry.  "I told him, 'I can't accept your apology right now.'" Graham said.

Maxon is out on bond.