Man claims to find Megalodon shark tooth on Florida beach

A man says he found the tooth of a Megalodon shark while walking on a Florida beach.

Photographer Jacob Danner visited Fernandina Beach on Thursday. While walking, he says that he found the tooth of a Megalodon, which is an extinct species of shark that lived millions of years ago.

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"I found my first Megalodon tooth. Look at that, that is a huge shark tooth. I’ve found fragments before but not the whole thing. Just perfect condition," Danner said in a video provided to FOX 35.

He said that he knows it is a Megalodon tooth because he has seen them many times in different museums and shops. He also said that he has a few shark and fossil identification books too.

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"I could hardly believe my eyes. I had to stop and look around and get my bearings and make sure that this was really happening," Danner explained. He has been collecting fossils since March 2020. He has stingray barbs, bone and vertebrae fragments, but no Megalodon shark teeth.

He told FOX 35 that he plans to add it to his collection for now. 

Thanks for sharing, Jacob! You can check out more of his photography work at

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