Man, dog die in fiery crash after dragging officer

John Ward jumped out of his bed at 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning and ran outside to try and help, but it was too late.

"There was nothing I could do for him. He was passed, and his dog was sitting there, taking his last couple of breaths too. That was sad."

DeLand Police say 26-year-old Justin Johnson and his dog died in the crash.  Witnesses say it seemed like Johnson's truck was going 100 miles an hour in this neighborhood before smashing to pieces.

Police say it all started with a call from a taxi cab driver. The guy told 911 he and his passenger were being followed by the woman's boyfriend, Johnson.

Police say Johnson and his girlfriend were arguing earlier in the evening.  When she stormed off, police say Johnson followed.  Police stopped Johnson a few blocks away in DeLand. 

"One of the officers see suspected drugs in the car in plain view. He asked the driver to get out of the vehicle," said Police spokesman Chris Graham.  "He ends up closing the door on the officer's hand and starts driving away. The officer was dragged several feet. He was able to free himself."

That officer was treated and released at the hospital.  Police say Johnson took off, so officers put an alert out.
A few minutes later, another officer spotted Johnson's SUV upside down and crunched to pieces on the side of the road.