Man leads police on pursuit until tires are blown

It was apparently an exhausting day for suspect Jacky Walker.  FOX 35 woke him up in the back of a police squad car to ask him some questions about a police pursuit in which he was involved earlier in the day. 

"Nobody got hit by me," was all he said, and the he went back to sleep.

DeLand Police say Walker was driving a Cadillac, and when an officer noticed the tags were stolen and tried to pull him over, they say Walker took off at a high rate of speed.  Police say he was doing 60, even 70, miles an hour through neighborhoods.

It was so dangerous, they say that they stopped their car chase and the Volusia County Sheriff's Office helicopter took over.  They say when he got to Orange City, Walker ran into the back of this trailer.

Dale Hillman says he and his 7-year-old son, David, nearly got hit as well. 

"We had to pull over into the grass to prevent him from hitting us, because he was going so fast," Hillman says.

A few minutes later, police say stop sticks blew out two of the Cadillac's tires on Rhode Island Drive.  Walker skidded into a parking lot, then ran towards the wood.

When police got out and followed him, police say Walker laid down on the ground and surrendered.  Witnesses we talked to were just glad no one was hurt.