Man looks for owner of mystery ring found in cruise ship cabin

A Melbourne, Florida man is on the hunt for the owner of a ring he discovered in his cruise cabin safe.  

Mike King said he and his family took a Carnival Cruise from Port Canaveral in late February. When the ship returned to port, King said he was packing up their cabin and found the treasure hidden in the corner of the safe.

"Making sure we had everything that belongs to us and for some reason I decided to kind of rattle the safe,” said King. "So I stuck my hand in there and started drifting around and I found this ring."

It’s a small ring about the size of a penny with a gold band and several stones King believes could be diamonds.

At first King said he thought it belonged to his wife, but quickly realized that in their 30 years married he’d never seen it before. Plus he said the ring looked older.

"It felt like it was more of a family heirloom,” he said.

King said he doesn’t know if the ring would be worth much, but he said the thought that it could carry sentimental value to someone concerned him; after all it was in the safe.

"Things went through my head of looking in lost and found boxes -- things never really get back to their rightful owners,” he said.

So King took the ring with him and began searching for the owner on his own. He said he’s not sure that was the best move in hind-sight, but that he’s dedicated himself to the search because of it. He posted pictures to Facebook and it began getting shared, but so far he’s had no luck. He said he also reported the find to Carnival but hasn’t heard back so far.

So, King reached out to FOX 35 hoping that would send the ring’s image further and maybe the owner would show up. He said he’s not looking to make money off of the find, he just wants to see the treasure get home.

"I want to make sure somebody got their heirloom back,” said King.