Many fatigued despite rising COVID-19 cases, expert encourages people to stick to safety routine

Despite a recent spike in cases, experts say some may be experiencing quarantine fatigue as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Orlando resident Jonita Bankhead noted that he's "seeing a lot of carelessness, I’m seeing people walk around without the mask and then they’re not social distancing and it’s unfortunate."

Dr. Amanda Koontz, an associate professor in the sociology department at the University of Central Florida, explained that "at first when you’re heightened, then you’re vigilant. Right? You’re vigilant, you’re looking out and it’s helpful and yet it does wear you down."

Koontz added that the fear many of us have been feeling can take a toll.

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“Sometimes, it’s not that we become less afraid, it’s that we start reacting in different ways,” she said. “Fear can turn into or be covered by fatigue or sadness or forms of anger.”  

So how do you get back to protecting yourself and others from the virus? Koontz recommends that people make safety measures part of their daily routine.  

“If we do build in and start saying ‘Each time I do this, I’ll wash my hands. When I go out and get home, I’ll wash my mask.’ Then that will start becoming a habit and we won’t have to think about it so much so it won’t be as draining as it has been,” she explained.

Some people in Orlando say they are still sticking to the program.

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Matt Peters told FOX 35 Orlando that “I even spray my dog’s paws when we come back from a walk.

Jessica Pena said that “I think I’m more cautious now than I was in March. The numbers are going up more faster."

“I’ve already had a personal tragedy… my mom,” Bankhead said. “This is real. It’s real.”

There is a renewed push for people to be cautious and shake the fatigue as coronavirus cases go up in Central Florida.


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