Marion COVID-19 vaccination registration temporarily suspended

COVID-19 vaccine registration for residents age 65 or older has been suspended in Marion County, the Department of Health in Marion County announced on Monday.

Registration for the vaccine has been temporarily closed due to signups exceeding the department’s initial 50,000 registrations cap.

"We’re capping the number of people included in this first round of signups to allow for staff to work through the current list of registrants and get them fully vaccinated," said Department of Health in Marion County Administrator Mark Lander. "We will re-open registration once the first group of 50,000 registrants completes their vaccinations."

DOH-Marion’s schedulers are calling registrants in the order in which their signups were received. After schedulers complete an over-the-phone screening with registrants, they will schedule a vaccination appointment.

Officials said it will take multiple weeks to work through the registrant list and schedule appointments. The department’s first appointments are Tuesday.

The health department will be distributing the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines in the weeks ahead. These vaccines are both two-dose shots. Moderna requires 28 days between the first and second shot. Pfizer requires 21 days between the first and second shot.