Marion sheriff talks about indictment against former deputy

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In a newly released video, several Marion County deputies can be seen kicking and hitting Derrick Price, who they were following for more than an hour.  Deputies said he was wanted on a drug related arrest warrant.

As Price lays down on the ground with his hands out. Deputies kick, hit and knee him repeatedly.  The video is from a nearby building's surveillance camera. There is also the deputy's body camera video from this August 2014 take down.

Sheriff Chris Blair said, "It was very disheartening. You see what took place; I was saddened, but also I was upset by it. I can tell you I did not leave that desk where I watched that video, and I immediately contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. That's how strong I felt that they were way outside the line."

Sheriff Blair said once he got wind of what happened, he called in the FDLE for an independent investigation. On Wednesday, former deputy Jesse Terrell was federally indicted. He is one of five accused of wrongdoing --  the other four entered guilty pleas in federal court and are waiting for their sentencing.

Sheriff Blair said, " The four who pled guilty acknowledged in their plea agreement , said their actions were contrary to what they learn at the Marion County Sheriff's Office."

Sheriff Blair said since he learned of this case he has added 2 communication and humanity courses for deputies and four additional weeks of training for new hires.

Price's lawyer said, "Mr. Price is satisfied with the efforts of the federal government to address the law enforcement conduct depicted on the video footage."