Markeith Loyd trial to move forward despite Loyd's objections

Accused cop killer Markeith Loyd was back in court Wednesday for a final hearing just two days away from the beginning of his trial.

Despite multiple objections from both aloud and his defense arguing that they are not ready to go to trial, the judge denied their motion.

After several motions were denied, Loyd said he wanted a final word.

“You forcing them to a trial that ain’t right –they ain’t ready,” Loyd said. “Violating my rights to a due process to a fair trial because they are not ready. They haven’t had enough time.”

The trial has already seen delays dating back to when Loyd chose to represent himself in his own death penalty case, then firing his court appointed attorneys.

Loyd’s new defense team has had the last 14 months to prepare for trial.

Back when the case was handed over to his new attorneys, the judge asked if they would be ready in time and they said yes.

Loyd said his case is at an unfair advantage since the prosecution has had three years to prepare.

All dating back to the day Loyd is accused of murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon and later Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton.

The two murder cases will be kept separate. The first trial will focus on the murder of Dixon - an issue Loyd was ready to talk about.

“Do you understand that you have a right to remain silent?” Judge Leticia J. Marques asked.

“I understand your honor,” Loyd said.

“Jury is not gonna hear that because she came out – we talked – she went in the house and got a firearms. That’s what the jury is gonna hear.”

At that moment Loyd’s attorneys interrupted him.

It remains to be seen is Loyd and his attorneys will agree to let him testify in his own defense once his trial begins. Jury selection is scheduled to begin Friday morning.