Massive crater opens in Ocala neighborhood

In Ocala's Oak Run neighborhood, a huge hole the size of a house is still there. It's been there for more than a month.  

The 50-foot by 18-foot deep hole appeared after a water main break in early December. Marion County spokesperson Elaine McClain said crews replaced the pipe and filled-in dirt around it. The rest of the land around the pipe, including part of a road, isn't part of the county's property, so some of the crater remains unfilled and the road has not been fixed.   That has left neighbors frustrated.

"Somebody needs to do something, because there's an awful lot of people being affected,” said Richard Dally who lives next door.   Theresa Acosta lives across from the hole.  “I’m upset,” she said. "I say, get the road fixed."

The county said a geotechnical firm's report came back inconclusive, meaning they're not sure if a sinkhole caused the main break, or vice-versa.  Priya Ghumman, Oak Run's Association President, said Oak Run dispute's claims they are responsible for repairs, but they will fix the road anyway.

Ghumman said the association must have the homeowner's permission to work on their property before work can proceed. He said Oak Run empathizes with residents and said work to fix the road is scheduled to start early next week.