Mom scared for life after woman rams car with kids inside

A woman is being held in the Orange County Jail,after authorities said she intentionally rammed a car that had children inside the vehicle.  It happened on Raleigh Street, right across from the Boys and Girls Club. 

Sharonda Bell said she's afraid to go outside with her child after a stranger rammed her car as they went out to pick up some diapers for her baby.  "She stopped in front of us and started swerving her car like this. She rammed the car over here in this area and we tried to get away. We sped away."

Police said both cars ended up about a quarter-of-a-mile away, at the Synoco Gas Station.  "She rammed the back of the car again."

Bell said her cousin called 911. "She's telling the police can you please send someone out because someone's trying to kill us, she's ramming the car, she's ramming the car and she don't care if we have kids in the car."

Police arrested Brentney Robinson, 27, and charged her with five counts of aggravated battery with a motor vehicle. According to the arrest report, Robinson told police that she was serving an injunction to Bell, and that Bell and the others were throwing objects at her car.

"I could have sworn police were supposed to serve you," Bell said. "I don't know what her problem is with me because I don't know her."

Police said five people were in the white Ford Taurus, including Bell and her baby. "We scared for our life, our kids in the car.  There was two kids.... five months, my daughter and my niece is one years old."

Bell said this is the second time Robinson has tried attacking her, even damaging her windshield.  She suspects the woman may be involved with her child's father. She plans to file her own injunction. "I want her to stay away."