More kittens being tossed from cars in Florida county

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On Tuesday morning, an Edgewater resident stood in awe as she said a driver drove down U.S. Highway 1 and threw two kittens out of the passenger-side door.

"I saw a 4 door, blue car, newer, shiny,” said Jessie Van Ryn, "and they opened the passenger door and out came two kittens. The 1 kitten kind of rolled as the car sped away."

Van Ryn, who said she was on the way to drop her child off at daycare, pulled over at a gas station on the Edgewater-Oak Hill line and ran over to help the kittens. She was able to rescue one while the other fled into the near-by woods.

Van Ryn and several friends spent the entire day trying to coax that second kitten out of the woods to make sure it was okay and get it home; Van Ryn vowing to adopt that cats herself.

"Tossing your unwanted animals to just discard them in the road is not a solution. I can't understand people that resonate at that level,” she said.

This is not the first case of kittens being tossed from moving cars.

On Monday, the Southeast Volusia Humane Society in New Smyrna Beach reported at least 4 instances in the county of cats being tossed. In most cases it was multiple kittens with several dying from their injuries.

The Humane Society is now offering a $1600 reward to help police arrest someone for doing this.