More than 80 car break-in's being investigated across Orange County

Orange County deputies are investigating a string of car break-in's that have now left more than 80 vehicles vandalized.

Suspects targeted four parking lots overnight, breaking into more than 20 cars and grabbing everything they could get. Burglars smashed into cars at the Home Depot on Southland Drive, a Pepsi facility on Director's Row, Freshpoint on Exchange Drive, and Inktel Contact business on Chancellor Drive.

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This is in addition to the more than 60 car break-in's reported this week. 

Deputies say burglars targeted four parking lots earlier this week: an Amazon warehouse, the Meadow Woods SunRail station, a UPS warehouse and the Colonial Grand Apartments.

The string of break-in's is leaving drivers on alert.

"I've been parking here since August of last year and I haven't seen nothing like this until now," said Matthew Crespo, whose brother's car was hit by the crime. "But it's making me reconsider just driving to work."

He says there needs to be more security.

"They should at least have a police officer rolling around here just checking... especially at night."

Deputies do not have any suspect information at this time.