Mosquitoes fed bacteria that sterilizes them

Our rainy season is about a month away. That means it's time for humidity and mosquitoes, but Volusia County Mosquito Control is getting a jump on the problem. Wednesday night they started spraying for mosquitoes in parts of Daytona Beach and Ormond beach.

In South Florida, Mosquito Control is taking the fight a step further. In the Florida Keys, they are testing out a trial from Kentucky-based Mosquitomate Laboratory, where male mosquitos are fed a natural bacteria that sterilizes them. 

"The mosquitos have been fed the bacteria, they're released and they do the rest.  They go find a female, mate and the larvae dies," says Dr. Stephen Dobson of Mosquitomate.

Only female mosquitoes bite, so the thought is that once the males mate enough, the overall mosquito population will decrease.  The results of the trial won't be known until after the wet season begins. 

Volusia County Mosquito Control reminds you to drain standing water, use repellent with DEET, and dress in long sleeves and pants.