Mother speaking out in search of answers for son killed in a hit-and-run

A mother is speaking to FOX35 in hopes of finding who killed her son. Her 35-year-old son was riding his bike when authorities believe he was struck by a semi-truck that drove off.

"For all the excitement to be built up, to be finally reunited to have that ripped away from us is really, really tough," said Nona Keeler.

Keeler hadn’t seen her son in three in a half years. Levi Edwards had moved to Florida before the pandemic but COVID and work made it difficult for his mom and his 14-year-old daughter to visit. Although, last weekend there were supposed to be together again.

"I was bringing his daughter down, and we had a fun weekend at Busch Gardens and the ocean and Universal Studios planned," said Keeler. Those plans that were months in the making were stripped away just two weeks earlier when Levi was struck and killed in a hit-and-run along HWY 27. 

"All of our fun exciting plans turned into things like cleaning out his apartment, picking up his remains, getting his personal effects from Highway Patrol. All sorts of things that a mother shouldn’t have to do", the mom said.

Florida Highway Patrol believes the 35-year-old was in the bike lane approaching HWY 192 around 4:45 am on June 24th. They believe a semi-truck swerved into the lane striking Levi and killing him instantly before continuing on. FHP believes two other cars then struck Levi and didn’t stop.

"I understand that accidents happen and that would be tough but the fact they just kept going and the fact that he got hit by one to two other vehicles after that also didn’t stop is real, real hard to wrap my head around," she said.

Keeler and her grandchild are hoping someone saw something that morning that can help bring them some closure. Most of all, someone to say ‘I’m sorry. "I just want everyone to be careful when you’re driving out there," said Keeler. "Don’t put any other moms through this. Don’t take a Daddy from his daughter when she’s about to start high school. Don’t do that."

Levi’s family has started a GoFundMe to help pay for the unexpected funeral expenses.

FHP is still actively investigating. If you have any information about what happened you are urged to call Crimeline.