Mount Dora H.S. students hold fundraiser for Jaxon

If you wanted a picture of what miraculous looks like,  Jaxon Buell could be it.  At 14-months old, Jaxon was born with a rare condition called microhydranencephaly, in which his little brain stopped growing in utero and why his skull is now misshapen.  On top of that, he has fluid on the brain.  

His prognosis was that maybe he would make his two month birthday, and he would never talk, hear, hold himself up.  But guess what?  He's doing all of that and more, which is a source of inspiration for a good-sized crowd of Mount Dora High School students who gathered for a pre-game tailgating party before Thursday night's home game.

Senior Bailey Stack said, "Most people may say Jaxon doesn't understand what's going on, but I think he knows!"   Stack and the other students are trying raise money to help with Jaxon's medical needs. "I'm really happy," said senior Jonathan Fortson.  "We raised 250 dollars in an hour-and-a-half.  Makes your heart smile!"  Senior Hannah Frady added, "It's stories like this that give you faith and help you get through the day!"

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Of Jaxon's progress, mom Brittany Buell said, "He's even gotten better at holding himself up, two minutes at a time!"  Video that Jaxon's mom and dad took when he said some of his first words and melted their hearts gives you chills.  With coaxing from mom, Jaxon says, "I love you!"  That from a 14-month-old infant with MRI results that have doctors saying he shouldn't even be here, let alone learning and growing.  It's astounding, and why people everywhere are saying Jaxon is strong.