Murder charge expected against man accused of killing stepson in Port Orange

Port Orange Police say a first degree murder charge is expected against a man accused of shooting and killing his stepson.

The shooting happened on Shahab Lane at around 8:00 a.m. Monday, according to investigators. Officers were in the neighborhood for more than nine hours to secure the scene and collect evidence.

“The police told me basically this is a crime scene investigation. No one’s allowed in or out of the area,” said neighbor Dennis Egatz.

Police say 68-year-old Danny Holder shot and killed his stepson inside the home. The victim, 55-year-old Randall Lowen was pronounced dead when emergency crews arrived.

“We believe the victim’s mother was in the house, that’s all we know at this time,” said Port Orange Police Officer Evan Doyle.

Lowen’s family members tell FOX 35 the victim’s mother saw the shooting happened. Investigators have not released information about what led up to it. 

According to one neighbor, police have been called to the home several times in the past.

Lowen’s brother says Randall and their stepfather didn’t get along but nothing physical has ever happened before.

We’re told Lowen lived in the home with his mother and stepfather and that he just got a new job doing landscaping work.

“He was only working with us three days but he did an excellent job,” said Steve Sherman, who had just hired Lowen. “We always wanted to help him out and we found he needed a job at the time."

Lowen’s daughter, Chantel James sent us a statement about her dad. It says in part, “No matter what he was going through, he made sure to help anyone who needed it even though he didn't have much himself. Below his exterior, he was kind and thoughtful - something I will always remember and teach my own children."