NASCAR crew members victims of car break-ins

Tyler Clark works as a bus driver for NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray. He tells FOX 35 News, "I was coming out to grab a couple things before we had to come into work. It was about 7:30, 7, that's when I noticed my car.  There was glass everywhere, things all moved around inside."

Clark and a dozen of McMurray's crew were staying at the Holiday Inn on Atlantic Avenue last weekend when their Escalades were smashed into. Money, valuables, electronics, a guitar, even a gun was stolen.  Clark had about 300 dollars taken . He says the thieves smashed his window . Police think the criminals used a window punch to get in.

Clark said,  "I'm assuming they went through the window, when into the front, went through the glove box, everything still remained locked, they went in back and went through the clothes and my bag and everything they went through and made a mess of things."