Neighbors replace gifts stolen from family in Deltona

The community is lifting up a Deltona family that had their Christmas gifts stolen Monday during a car break-in.

Crystal Gonzalez said she forgot to lock up the family’s van, leading the thieves to take off with $260 worth of gifts for their five daughters.

“It just made us really sad because during this time it’s just really hard for us and with the whole corona and working it’s just really hard to gather the little things we did have,” she said.

“Definitely a heartbreak just to know all the gifts were gone that we spent our hard working money on it,” said dad Emmanuel Gonzalez.

The family posted on Facebook about the break-in, asking neighbors to be on the lookout. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office also posted an alert after several car break-ins in the area.

“We were just looking to make an awareness in the community,” said Emmanuel.

But the community was looking out for them, instead, replacing the gifts for the family.  Community groups on Facebook spread the word and the family has received more than 20 toys and games for the girls. 

“It’s just so much i don’t want to start crying but we do appreciate everything and we want to give back to if we are able to if anybody ever has a situation like this,” said Emmanuel.