Nelson, Rubio visit Homestead immigrant holding center

Lawmakers are making their way to the facility in Homestead, holding immigrant children who have been separated from their families.

Senator Nelson went to the facility Tuesday and says the Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services told him he had to leave because he didn’t give two weeks notice he was coming. Senator Marco Rubio toured the facility Friday. Senator Nelson plans to go back Saturday. 

“It is un-American. It is contrary to the American basic common sense value that you keep families together as well as that is the law,” said Senator Bill Nelson – D. 

“The plan that they try to do is ensure the parents and the children are able to speak to each other at least twice a week, probably not enough, they want the families to be together. What we have to do is ensure that process, to the extent where there are shortcomings, is improved,” said Senator Marco Rubio – R. 

Senator Rubio said when he was inside the Homestead facility, he was not allowed to talk with any of the kids, saying that’s the policy. He says it’s designed to protect the privacy of the children.