New eagle statues installed at Ocala park for veterans

The eagles are back at the Ocala-Marion County Veterans Memorial Park. They were sealed and covered by trash bags Tuesday afternoon.    Last month, police said somebody vandalized the statues.  Now, county spokesperson Stacie Causey says somebody stepped up to donate new statues, which were installed Monday.  “Marion County Veteran Services is absolutely overjoyed with the donation,” Causey said.

Jason Bechstein, one of the owners of Orlando’s Distinctive Statuary and Water Gardens said the story touched his heart and that of his father, Greg.  Bechstein said they knew they wanted to help.  “We felt it was heart-touching,” Jason Bechstein told Fox 35.

Bechstein said he and his father manufactured the statues in their Orlando factory.  He sent FOX 35 a picture of the new statues.  In the photo, the new eagle statues have their wings out stretched.   About being able to help, John Bechstein said, “It feels really good.”

The statues will be unveiled Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. the big Veteran’s Day event in Ocala .