New Smyrna Beach packed with people despite coronavirus outbreak, push to keep distance from others

Despite recommendations for social distancing, the beaches in Volusia County were jam-packed on Wednesday.

New Smyrna Beach actually had to shut down because it hit capacity. It was so crowded that the access ramps had to be closed.

The New Smyrna Police Department tweeted out a message just before 2 p.m. that the beach was at capacity. 

"They shut down all the bars and restaurants so what better place than to come out to the beach, you’re in the open you don’t have to be cooped up inside your house," one beachgoer told FOX 35 News. "It’s probably not very responsible but you know it’s Florida, everyone's pretty wild out here." 

Volusia County officials asked that beachgoers keep at least six-feet apart and limit their groups to fewer than ten people.

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Meanwhile, in Brevard County, public parking and public access points were shut down along the beach until further notice. The closures cover the entire 72-miles Brevard County shoreline. The beach remains open though to those who can get there without a place to park.


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