Florida residents say permit delays keeping them from repairing homes after Hurricane Ian

People in News Smyrna Beach impacted by historic flooding tell FOX 35 they're frustrated, trying to cut through the red tape before they can repair their homes.

Some say it's taking weeks to get permit from the city.

A month ago, people trapped in their homes had to be rescued in large trucks.

Heidi Lowe was one of them.

"When it came in, it came in fast and within three hours we were up to two foot inside the house," Lowe said.

Lowe, along with her mother and daughter, had to stay in a shelter, then with friends before they decided to move back into their house.

She says the flooding ruined almost everything.

"It’s a roof, but it’s not our home," Lowe said.

With the work already started, she has the funds and a contractor lined up to do the rest, but she says she's been waiting for about two weeks for a city permit.

"I just need a permit," Lowe said. "I just need a permit to rebuild and get our lives back on track, but it’s definitely put a little roadblock in there."

The City of New Smyrna Beach told FOX 35 its inspectors are working as quickly as they can, visiting up to 100 homes each day.

They hope to be done this week.

After homes are inspected, the city says it's expediting permits and waiving fees for hurricane repairs.

Another homeowner just received his permit, but says it took more than two weeks.

"We’re starting to put drywall back in and come here one day and there’s a note on my door, ‘Stop all work until you get a permit from the city,'" said Michael Mann.

Mann says his problem now is waiting for insurance, he says it's now been 30 days.

"What do you do? You wait," Mann said. "You wait and you hope and you pray."

Heidi Lowe says she checked with the city again on Tuesday, and was told it would only be a couple more days until her permit is done.