New update on death of Winter Park teen

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Winter Park Police on Thursday released an update on the Roger Trindade investigation. They say it's going to take more time to gather information, but many are wondering why it's taking so long.

Police say 15-year-old Trindade got into a fight with other teenagers in Central Park on Saturday night, but they say there were no physical signs of injury. They also add that, that doesn't mean he wasn't struck.

According to investigators, Trindade was taken of off life support on Monday.  Officers say they know who was involved and have questioned them; however, they're waiting on the medical examiner to find out what caused the teen's death.

They tell us, they need that information in order to make the strongest case possible. They also say its important not to rush to judgment.  Some parents tell us, that a lack of answers is concerning.

"We sit here wanting to find out what happened. We need to put closure on this," said parent Victoria Ortiz. "We have children that play here all the time. We need answers."

Parent Amy Frost agrees, "A child died, its unbelievable, why don't we know who did it why aren't they arrested. We're all wondering what's going on."

Police have increased patrols around the park. They're also asking for any other witnesses with information to please come forward.