New video shows deadly shooting inside Florida Applebee's restaurant

FOX 35 is looking into why a man who shot and killed another man inside a Florida Applebee's is not facing charges.

Dishaun Hudson was shot and killed inside an Applebee's in Lady Lake in early March, just after 1 a.m. According to documents from the state attorney's office, "stand your ground" and self-defense applies in this case, which is why the man who shot Hudson will not be charged.

In several videos that the state attorney's office provided to FOX 35 News, you can see Hudson walk into the Applebee's, talk to a group of people, empty his pockets, and then someone shoots him. According to investigators, witnesses said just before this, Hudson had been acting loud and obnoxious. Earlier in the evening, witnesses reported seeing him with a gun and threatening people.

A report states that Hudson said something disrespectful to a woman who was picking up take-out food at the restaurant and the woman's boyfriend confronted Hudson. After this, Hudson fired three gunshots in the air as he was walking toward the couple's car. Then, he aimed his gun at the car as the couple drove away.

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Following this, the report states that the group outside ran into the restaurant and locked the door before Hudson was able to enter, but then a customer let him inside. When he got inside, the report states that he asked, "Why did you call the police it was fireworks?" and then, "Do you want to see what is in my pockets?" Just before he emptied his pockets, the shots were fired.  

According to the state attorney's office, when Hudson’s body was taken to the medical examiner, no firearm was found.

The man who fired the shots had a concealed weapon permit and remained on the scene to speak with police. The state attorney's office said that it is reasonable to believe that a jury would see this as self-defense.