No conceal carry permit needed if Florida bill passes

A new bill filed for the 2020 state legislative session would end Florida's conceal carry law as it stands and allow gun owners to carry without a permit.

Lake County Republican and State Representative Anthony Sabatini introduced the bill on Tuesday to turn the state into a, so-called, Constitutional Carry state.

"You don't have to ask the government for a permission slip before you conceal carry," said Sabatini. "Why should they have to pay just to defend themselves from an attacker."

Basically, if you own a gun you'd be able to carry it in public. The bill would continue to not allow carrying in certain places like courthouses, and Sabatini said it would not change any of the current rules to purchase such as age limits and background check requirements.

Constitution Carry is actually allowed in more than a dozen US states, and Sabatini feels it's keeping true to the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

"This is a bill about making everyday law-abiding Americans more able to defend themselves if they wish," said Sabatini.

The current Florida Conceal Carry rules require residents pass a gun safety class in order to get their carry permit. Under Sabatini's bill, it appears that requirement too would be gone.

The bill also includes changes to age limits for carrying a gun and changes to rules regarding out-of-state permit holders and reciprocity; a topic that's drawn concern from gun control advocates in the past.

Whether the bill becomes law is up to the state legislature next year. (edited) 

You can view the bill's full language here (PDF).