Parents want answers after deadly deputy involved shooting in Florida happens near kids

Parents in Ocala, Florida are upset and angry over how a shooting involving a Marion County sheriff's deputy played out on Tuesday night.

The deputy pulled 26-year-old Rasheem Edwards over near the corner of Emerald and Maricamp roads. The sheriff's office says the man was driving an unregistered dirt bike without any lights on. Deputies say Edwards tried to run away.

"While he was running away, he tried reaching for a weapon that he had on him. He pulls out a weapon out as if he was to attack the deputy with a firearm. When he does, it comes flying out of his grip and lands on the ground," Lieutenant Paul Bloom said.

Lt. Bloom said Edwards got down to pick up the gun and tried again to point it at the deputy.

"The deputy at that point backs up a few steps and unfortunately has to shoot him to save his own life," Bloom said.

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The shooting happened not far from where youth sports were practicing Tuesday night. Parents tell FOX 35, it was very traumatizing what they and their kids witnessed and experienced.

Tara Cone was on her way to pick up her daughter from cheer practice when she got a call from her daughter about what happened.

"As a parent, your heart drops, your heart drops," she said.

On Wednesday night, the sheriff's office held a community meeting to provide grief and resources for families that were impacted by the shooting. Parents told FOX 35, they walked away more frustrated than they expected.

Nekisha Stroud said she was under the impression they'd be able to ask more questions about what happened. She was there with her son when gunshots rang out.

"I'm pissed off, traumatized, it's the lies for me, I was tossing and turning I couldn't really get sleep last night," Stroud said.

Lindsey Gonzalez was at the sports field with her son, he was hiding in the floorboard of her car when shots rang out.

"I was stuck I couldn't get out, I was stuck in my car with my child on the floorboard and gunshots were going off. My son was on the floorboard telling me, please leave, please leave," Gonzalez said.

Both Gonzalez and Stroud said because the shooting was so close to so many kids, they feared kids could have been hurt. They both want to see body camera videos to better understand why deputies needed to use deadly force in this situation.

Lt. Bloom said there is body camera video, but it can't be released right now since it's an active investigation. He said once it does get released, it will give parents a better idea as to why they had to use deadly force.

For now, football practices won't be held on that field near where the shooting happened.  Lt. Bloom said where the shooting happened was not where anyone wanted it to happen. 

"He carelessly came in there where children were, where they were practicing not too far away. This could have been much, much worse. Unfortunately what these children are dealing with now impacts these kids mental health, they're well-being"