Ocala Police investigating West Port High School social media threat

Parents and students were talking about a social media threat on Friday at Ocala's West Port High School.  Dean Dillon, 18, read aloud what he said is the threat posted online.

“Hope all y’all die slowly and painfully.”

Dillon, who spoke with permission from his mother, told FOX 35 that was the threat another West Port High School student posted to social media Thursday night.

Ocala Police will not confirm the wording, but said yes, there was a threat. The Marion County School district also didn't go into specific detail about the post's wording.

Kevin Christian, a spokesperson for Marion County Schools said “...I think it just said that student was going to bring some violence onto the school campus and wanted everybody to know that.”

According to Ocala Police, a 17-year-old West Port High student posted the threat on her social media account last night. Concerned parents quickly called police and school officials.
Ocala Police say the 17-year-old student later admitted she wrote the post, but the exact reason why is unclear.

Captain Louis Biondi, with the Ocala Police Department told FOX 35

“I don’t know if she’ll be arrested or not. It depends on the totality of circumstances."

Within hours, the district sent out a call to parents Thursday night.

“We are aware of an isolated threat on social media by one of our students," Principal Ken McAteer said in the call sent to parents.

School opened on schedule Friday morning.

Dean Dillon said  “I just find it crazy.”

Dillon's mother, Danielle, decided to keep him home from school Friday.

Danielle Dillon said.

“Because my son’s safety is the ut most concern for me. I don’t care what anybody else does. This is my son. My baby.”

FOX 35 saw extra Ocala Police patrols on campus Friday, where other parents said they hope this is a learning experience for students.

Angelana Stump, a parent of a West Port High School student told FOX 35

“Very immature. Hopefully they’re being handled correctly.”

Police said the student is suspended, and the district stresses there is no credibility to the threat.

The school district added a stern warning for students at Marion County Schools when it comes to social media.

"I would just urge all students to really consider what you're doing, because the very thing you think is a joke, or you want to be cool could end up getting you kicked out of school for good."

According to Marion County Schools spokesperson, Kevin Christian, 630 students were absent from West Port High School Friday. Christian said that's 24 percent of the school's student body of 2,600 students.