'I will shoot your s*** up': Ocala police officer fired after threatening ex-girlfriend: Deputies

An Ocala police officer was arrested and terminated after he was accused of stalking and threatening his ex-girlfriend who is also a law enforcement officer, arrest records show. 

Natawi Chin, 27, was arrested for felony aggravated stalking after he reportedly made threats to his ex-girlfriend about shooting up her house, deputies said. 

The victim told deputies she and Chin dated for about a year before they broke up, and he began stalking her at her home, arrest records show. 

Chin had called the victim repeatedly on different occasions after he drove by her home and began noticing another car. 

When the victim's parents who were at her home one night, left to get dinner, they received a call from their daughter who said Chin was banging on her door. Her mom said she could hear the banging over the phone, deputies said. 

When the parents returned to the area, they told deputies they saw Chin's car parked up the street from the victim's home, but didn't see him. 

In July 2023, deputies said Chin questioned the victim about her car not being home and her "entertaining other men."

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A voice recording reportedly sent to the victim on that same day from Chin was given to police and said, "I was gonna text this to you but then you could get me arrested for written threats. I will shoot your s*** up, keep playing."

In a statement, the Ocala Police Department said:

We regret to inform our community about the recent arrest of one of our police officers for aggravated stalking (dating violence). This incident is deeply unfortunate and disappointing.

We want to emphasize that such behavior goes against the principles and values of our department, and we do not tolerate any criminal misconduct, especially from those who take an oath to protect and serve. The individual involved has been terminated and is no longer part of our law enforcement agency.

Rest assured, the Ocala Police Department remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity within its ranks. We are committed to justice and will do everything we can to hold everyone accountable for their actions.

We appreciate our community's continued support during this unfortunate circumstance.