Officer speaks out after saving boy from shark on Cocoa Beach

An off-duty police officer is speaking out after he pulled a boy away from a shark on Cocoa Beach last week.

Cocoa Beach Officer Adrian Kosicki and his family were shocked to see the shark in the water right near the child.

"When I saw the shark go closer to him, make a beeline straight for him, I decided to grab him a bottle of water and bring him to shore," Kosicki explained.

It happened on July 16, when Kosicki just so happened to be walking along the beach and was in the right place at the right time. His brother's friend took a cell phone video. Then Kosicki noticed the boy and tried to warn him.

"When I was calling to him, I was trying to wave him in and he was looking at me. There wasn’t much of a reaction honestly. To him I was a stranger," said Kosicki.

After all, he wasn't in uniform.  Kosicki jumped in, bringing the boy to safety.

The boy is seven-year-old Isaac. His mother told FOX 35 News over the phone that he is one of four. Their family is here on vacation this week from Oklahoma. She said none of them noticed the shark until after the rescue.

"I just pointed to the shark and said ‘Hey, there’s a shark over there!' That’s kind of why I snatched you out of the water."

The boy made it out unscathed, bravely going back in the water later. As for the officer, some may consider him a hero, but he does not.