Year after going back to prison, Crosley Green's lawyers argue parole was miscalculated

It’s been a full year since Crosley Green went back to prison for a murder he told FOX 35 News in a sit-down interview he did not commit. He’s now facing the reality that he may spend the rest of his life there. 

Green spent over three decades in prison, convicted of a 1989 murder in Titusville.

A court ruled he was wrongfully convicted after learning the prosecution hid evidence that pointed to a different perpetrator. 

He was released for two years but sent back when the State appealed, and the Supreme Court refused to take up the case. 

Now, Green’s lawyers say the courts miscalculated his parole, adding 40 years to the date when his lawyers say Green should have been eligible to potentially walk free.   


Keith Harrison, one of Green’s attorneys, says this experience would be traumatic for anyone. 

"He is doing what he can to make the best of a horrific situation," said Harrison. "He's been studying for his, GED. He's taking Bible study classes and other courses to continue to try and better himself. Until we're successful in obtaining his freedom."

As things stand right now, Green would be 97 years old before the prison would even consider releasing him.  

His lawyers are working to change that.