ONLY ON FOX: I-4 crash victim reunites with rescuer

FOX 35 spoke exclusively with the victim thrown from the impact of a semi-tractor trailer crash on Interstate 4.

Calvin Bryant was reunited with Wendy Brandofino, a woman who was first on the scene to help Bryant after his semi-truck was smashed into by a separate semi-truck driver. Bryant cried as he told Brandofino, "Thank you!" over and over again.

Brandofino, a respiratory therapist, found Bryant disoriented and covered in blood. The impact sent Bryant flying 15 feet from his truck, where he was checking under the hood of his vehicle when the crash happened.

Brandofino held him in place, until paramedics arrived. Bryant lost half of his left foot, but he says he'll be forever grateful for having Brandofino by his side in his darkest hour.