'Operation Safe Streets' results in arrests and gun seizures

The Orlando Police Department just wrapped up Operation Safe Streets.  During a news conference on Friday, Chief John Mina told reporters it was a 5-week operation that has saved lives and prevented future violence. 

During the operation, OPD made 158 felony and 52 misdemeanors arrests, recovered 40 guns, and seized over 22 pounds of cannabis, a kilo of cocaine, a kilo of heroin, and nearly $6,000 in cash.

Orlando Police say many of the people they arrested had lengthy criminal histories and should not have had weapons. 

The patrol TAC unit, the drug enforcement division, gang unit and the neighborhood patrol units all worked together on operation safe streets.  “You’re out there doing what you’re supposed to do, looking for minor traffic violations like a tint violations or someone running a stop sign or your driving along somebody, they’ve got their window down but they don’t have their seatbelt on, simple things that turn into these great arrests,” said Lt. Chad Ochiuzzo. 

Chief Mina told reporters today that OPD is now meeting with federal prosecutors twice monthly and that some of these suspects will be prosecuted by the feds, which typically means stricter penalties.  Some of the suspects arrested in this operation will be prosecuted federally.