Orange City residents worry about gunfire

Orange City Police are investigating various complaints from neighbors in the Oakhurst subdivision in Orange City who say they hear frequent gunfire coming from the wooded area next to their homes.  

Jeff Jones showed FOX 35 the spot on the screen door to his patio where he believes a  stray bullet came through the screen last week.  “One came through my screen and missed my sliding glass door by about four inches, it missed hitting me by about five feet,” Jones said.

Orange City Police say it happened last Sunday around 4:15 in the afternoon, the family even took photos of the bullet fragment they discovered on their porch, and gave to police as evidence. Jones says this isn’t the first time he and his neighbors have heard gunfire coming from the wooded area behind their homes.
“Boom shot gun, boom automatic weapons, boom boom boom boom,” Jones said.

“At least every other day you hear someone shooting back there,” said David Kohler, another resident.

Neighbors say it’s been happening more and more frequently over the past six months, making them hesitant about even going outside.  ”I have young kids, and I do worry about bullets being shot straight up and coming down in my yard,” Kohler said.

Orange City Police are trying to get to the bottom of exactly where those shots are coming from. Police say they’ve received several complaints from neighbors in the subdivision and believe the shots maybe coming from county property.

Neighbors say they just want it to stop so they can have their sense of security back.  “There’s some things that they could do to stop some of this,” Jones said.

Police believe the gunfire is likely coming from a non - residential area, officer say they're continuing to investigate  where the shots are coming from.