Florida teen overcoming obstacles as he dreams of 2024 Summer Paralympics

A University High School student is going for the gold despite some obstacles.

There’s no stopping 17-year-old Andreas Schulz, as he recently won two gold medals in the 2022 Track & Field State Championships, Ambulatory Division. If you look closely, you will see his paralyzed arm is in a sling as he runs. 

"It means a lot to me. It’s a really cool opportunity to not only prove to myself but prove to other people that an injury doesn’t have to stop you."  

Andreas, who goes by the name Dre, explained how he got into an ATV crash, hitting a tree back in 2020. 

"I fell down the side of a mountain leaving me with a broken neck, broken back, two broken ribs, lacerated spline, and collapsed lung." And of course his paralyzed arm. "At first I was really sad about the situation, and it was really hard."

But he refused to give up, with his parents by his side every step of the way.

"He is a miracle. He has not only survived this with the physical injuries that he’s had, but mentally he is so strong."

If his mother Kelly seems familiar, it’s because she used to be a reporter for FOX 35 News. But after writing so many stories, this is one that gets to her heart each time she watches her son.

"I still cry every time he runs. I still cry. I’m so inspired by him and so proud of him that he’s not letting this get him down, and he really is paving a way for student-athletes with disabilities."

Dre's goal is to compete in the 2024 Summer Paralympics in Paris. 

"The Paralympics is for top athletes who have disabilities."

This senior still has a year to quality for the big competition. He plans to show others how it’s done, on the track and in life.

"You can still be successful no matter what the obstacles are."