Orange County deputy wrangles guff goat

A bad-tempered billy goat showed up in Orange County's, Fisherman's Paradise neighborhood, right next to Lake Apopka.

The people on Vince Drive were much less than happy, as they watched him tear up a garden and scare children. When a homeowner tried to persuade the gruff goat to leave, the bitter billy tried to ram him with its large horns.  That is when Orange County Sheriff's Sgt. Jamie Hoffman got the call.

"They said it was an angry loose goat," says Sgt. Hoffman.

He says it was still in a foul mood when he arrived on scene.  Hoffman says the goat was, "racking his horns up against the fence and stomping and making (a) racket."

Despite the billy's belligerence, Sgt. Hoffman took a chance when he noticed a collar around its neck.

He says, "[I] took the dog collar [then] grabbed ahold of one of his horns and he started shaking his head around. So I had to let him go once. But, I got him the second time and once we got the leash on him he was fine."

Another deputy snapped photos of Sgt. Hoffman with the leashed goat. The Sheriff's Office posted the pics on its Facebook page with a caption that says Hoffman used 'his goat whispering skills' to calm the unbalanced beast.

The News Station's Tom Johnson has video of the goat going crazy and talked with Sgt. Hoffman about taming it.