Orange County Sheriff's Office releases aerial video of fight

Two men are speaking out after video was released, showing them involved in a fight. They say they are the victims in the case.   The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Chase helicopter captured the fight in the Winn Dixie parking lot off East Colonial.  On their Facebook page, it says two youths were fighting, off East Colonial, as four others watched.  The Facebook post stated “this fight club” disbanded fairly quickly when deputies arrived.

In the video, you can see the chopper chasing one of the guys, who was then taken into custody.  Two young men were arrested, but one of them says they were actually targeted by the suspects. "We were scared for our lives. They started beating us up really bad," explains Robert Echegaray.  

Echegaray says he and his friend, Michael Shearer, were walking through the Winn Dixie Parking lot at around 11 p.m. on November 1.  That’s when he says four guys tried jumping them and fighting.  In the video, you can see Robert holding out his arms. "I was like, 'Please, just stop man! I’m gonna get in trouble! I’m on probation. Please, just leave me alone bro, I’m not fighting you, I’m not fighting you!' and he just wouldn’t listen, so I had to defend myself the best way I could."

Echegaray says one of the suspects had a gun.  "I was scared for my life. I was really scared. I thought I was gonna die. I thought they had a gun on me and all kinds of stuff. Not the cops, but the people."

The four other men drove off, and deputies weren’t able to catch them. Echegaray says he was injured in the attack. "I had a big old bruise here,  scraps all over my back, my hands are a little messed up from defending myself."  Shearer says he too was injured and was left with scrapes and bruises.  

Echegaray was surprised to see video of the fight released on the Sheriff's Office's Facebook page.  "They made it look horrible on our part, daid we were in a 'fight club,' and we’re not in a fight club. That was ridiculous.  They’re just making assumptions; they didn’t ask us, they just took us to jail."

A spokesperson from the Sheriff’s Office confirmed  that this was not a fight club, but rather, just a fight. They say they arrested both the two men for resisting an officer and fighting in a public place, charges both plan to fight in court.  "It scares me, because I could be going to jail for something. I was just defending myself for."

Deputies recommend both men fill out new reports with descriptions of the suspects.