Orlando daycare van driver remains in jail, unable to post bond

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A Florida day care van driver remains jailed days after a child was found dead inside the vehicle at the end of a sweltering summer day.

Deborah Denise St. Charles, 51, of Orlando, said she can't afford the bond on a charge of aggravated manslaughter in the death of 3-year-old Myles Hill.

The family of the toddler who died said she doesn't deserve to leave.

"They got a reason to be upset.  Why give her a bond?" asked Pastor Jake Stovall, the child's uncle.  "Let her sit and think about what she have done. Let her think about the mistakes she have made."

Police said the former daycare worker left the toddler in a scorching hot van for over 12 hours. 

"You picked that baby up, and it ain't like you had 10, 15, 20 of them in a van. You had four!" Stovall added.

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"This investigation could have been better. I hold officers to a higher standard," explained Arjun Nair, the attorney representing St. Charles, during his client's appearance before a judge on Friday.  "As it was, they looked at the consequences and assumed certain things about her.  I want to look at the allegations and look at the quality of the investigation and use that to argue that the bond should be reduced."

St. Charles was emotional as Nair tried to convince a judge to lower the bond, but it remained set at $30,000 on certain conditions, according to the judge.

"You shall not work at any childcare or daycare facility, and you shall not have unsupervised contact with minor children."

Stovall said his family is organizing a march for Myles on Saturday, to bring more awareness to this tragedy and in hopes that it never happens again.

"To open the eyes and educate everyone in daycare business. The family, they want justice," said Stovall.

The march is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m., from Lake Mann Drive to the Little Miracles Academy on Plymouth Avenue.