Orlando down, couple's 'Epic Disney Park Hop' heads to California

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Every major US Disney park in one day, and we’re not just talking the Orlando ones.

Heather and Clark Ensminger sat at Orlando International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, about to board a plane to Los Angeles. By that time though, the Kingsport, Tennessee couple had hit all four of the Disney World parks and -- after the five-hour flight -- would hit both of the Disneyland parks before their heads hit their pillows that night.

"You may think we're a little crazy, but for us it's been a dream come true,” said Clark.

The couple planned, what they call the “Epic Park Hop” as a 10-year anniversary trip. With Heather being a travel agent and both being life-long Disney fans, they were determined to run the gauntlet and enjoy all six parks in a single day.

They said their Wednesday morning consisted of checking out the new Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios, then to Epcot for a few spins on their favorites, a quick buzz through Magic Kingdom, and of course a stop by the Avatar attractions at Animal Kingdom. 

Luckily, they’d gain three hours on the way to the California parks to make the marathon day possible.

"Disney California Adventure is open till 10 and Disneyland is open till midnight so their late hours kind of make that possible,” added Clark.

Despite the long day with more adventure ahead, both Heather and Clark were all smiles from the airport Wednesday. They say the trip wouldn’t be for everyone, but it’s their dream come true.

"I don't think we could have planned a better day if we tried,” said Heather.