Orlando makes top 10 'Most Popular City Moved To' in 2019

If you live in Central Florida, does it seem like there are more and more people everywhere you look? It's not in your head, a new survey has found. 

According to a new 2020 Migration Report by Hire A Helper, The City Beautiful had 19% more people moving in than moving out in 2019 -- making it the 10th most popular moving destination on the list.

The study also found that more people overall moved to Florida than any other state. 

"So many, in fact, that according to our data, 1 in 8 (13%) interstate moves were destined for the Sunshine State! Other states attracting a large amount of people were Texas (8%), North Carolina (7%), California (5.3%), and Georgia (5.1%)," the study reported.

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The top city of the list was Scottsdale, Arizona (108.1%) with twice as many people moving in versus out. Scottsdale was followed by Durham, NC (71.7%) and Sarasota, FL (58%). 

Last year it was reported that Florida was one of the least affordable states to live in. A report by The National Low Income Housing Coalition suggested that Floridians should earn at least $22.86 per hour. That's to afford the state's Fair Market Rent for a two-bedroom apartment, which is about $1,189.

You can read more about the survey HERE.